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The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITA) announced that it is building a Cybersecurity Incident Response and Coordination Center (Threat Center) where organizations can report incidents and get help remediating electronic medical security issues.

This is a good idea. Currently, there is really no Threat Center-type facility for the healthcare data profession to turn to. HITA, a part of HITRUST, is a good front group for this type of technology as well, being lead by most of the major names in the medical technology industry, including Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, and WellPoint.

The Threat Center is already well underway with fourteen leading organizations in healthcare being involved, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The more information about security threats that is available, the easier it will be for those of us involved in healthcare record keeping and technology to deal with them proactively. Giving a central clearinghouse for this kind of information makes all of our lives easier in that regard.

In this type of industry, standard practices are the core of how things get done. The more standardized the general practices are, the easier it is for one system to communicate with another, which spreads the adoption of EHRs. This includes security frameworks, which HITRUST has already created as the Common Security Framework (CSF), fast-becoming an industry standard.

In the end, organizations like this are of benefit to many. As the health industry moves inevitably towards electronic record keeping, more and more attention must be paid to how we’re adopting and adapting these new IT systems. Dealing with threats to these important systems is vitally important.



  • By medefile Submitted on May 4th, 2012

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