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October 19, 2006 - Govt. Sluggish on Automated Health Care Progress, Intel Chmn. Say
October 19, 2006 -Group gets $500,000 to boost electronic medical record-keeping
October 16, 2006 - AHIC still taking baby steps
October 12, 2006 - Bush has big plans for health care
October 11, 2006 - United States: Final Anti-Kickback Safe Harbors And Stark Exceptions For Electronic Prescribing And Health Records Arrangements
October 11, 2006 - Scant progress reported on digitizing health records
October 9, 2006 - Perry creates health care technology partnership
October 3, 2006 Health Industry Insights Report Reveals Personalized Health on Brink of Transforming Health Industry, Patient Care
September 13, 2006 - Voice Vote Advances Paperless Federal Health Records
September 1, 2006 - Expert urges 'baby steps' to electronic records; Practice Trends;
6/1/2006 8:00 AM Don't forget to protect vital medical info
5/16/2006 7:00 AM Electronic records linked to better care
5/11/2006 7:30 AM New Public Company Puts Personal Electronic Medical Records In Your Hands
5/8/2006 7:00 AM Lesson From Katrina: Patient Information Is Key
5/1/2006 8:30 AM Aging parents: Information you need in case of emergency
4/1/2006 8:00 AM Transforming Healthcare Through Patient Empowerment
3/24/2006 11:00 AM Covering Medical History With a New Doctor
3/21/2006 1:00 PM Lawmakers push federal health plan into digital age
2/3/2006 8:52 AM The Wealth in Your Health
1/28/2006 9:00 AM HIMSS Commends President Bush for Encouraging Wider Use of Electronic Health Records
1/28/2006 9:00 AM Health leaders push for patient-record upgrade
1/10/2006 6:00 AM 10 Quick Tips for Boosting Your Health in 2006
1/9/2006 12:00 PM Self Centered Admissions
12/11/2005 2:00 PM Caring for the elderly
11/18/2005 8:00 PM Senate Wants Med Data High-Tech, Portable
9/12/2005 9:00 PM Katrina Shows Need to Computerize Records
9/12/2005 8:00 AM Leavitt Promotes Uses of Health Care IT, EHRs in National Emergencies
9/10/2005 1:00 AM A Lifeline, Online
7/20/2005 12:29 pm Doctor leaves patients in lurch
7/4/2005 9:10 am The push toward medical smarts: Standardized high-tech portable records
6/16/2005 10:37 am Clinton, Frist Tout Medical Records Bill
3/29/2005 8:42 am Is It a Heart Attack -- or Indigestion?  Helping the ER Doctors Get It Right
1/27/2005 2:21pm Bush Promotes Computerized Medical Records
11/8/2004 5:35pm Surgeon General Urges Families to Track History
7/22/2004 8:00 am US pushes digital medical records
5/27/2004 1:43pm Transforming Health Care for Americans with Health Information Technology
4/27/2004 1:50pm President Bush Touts Benefits of Health Care Information Technology
1/20/2004 Transforming Health Care: The President's Health Information Technology Plan


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