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How it Works

Until now, the patient has been viewed as a passive participant in the healthcare delivery process. As people continue to take more responsibility for their healthcare and direct the decisions regarding their treatment, MedeFile presents an unprecedented opportunity for doctors and other caregivers to transform their relationships with patients. MedeFile was designed and developed by doctors, registered medical records specialists, software and hardware technologists and entrepreneurs.

The entire MedeFile process is accomplished in a highly secure environment, allowing members the peace of mind that all the information is kept completely private and ready for their use. The MedeVault insures you will never lose track of your most important asset: your family's health.

Once received, copies of your medical records are digitally stored in the MedeVault, which acts like your own highly secure safe deposit box. You have total control at all times. At no time will information contained in your MedeFile be released to any party other than yourself or those you designate and only then, after proper authorization procedures have been met.

Why do I need MedeFile?

You need MedeFile to keep track of your overall health status, the well being of your entire family as well as yourself. This is achieved through a clear understanding of your physicians' visits, hospital visits, and encounters with healthcare providers. The only way to collect this information is by requesting copies of your actual medical records in a secure manner. A summary of all your medical records will help you easily understand all the aspects of your healthcare and what occurred during visits to your physician, hospital or clinic.

MedeFile takes care of the entire process and will always have your medical record information ready for your use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year via multiple delivery systems. MedeFile understands the records request process and how to properly present the information in physician friendly formats.

Getting a MedeFile is simple:

  Step 1 - Complete the MedeFile membership application.
  Step 2 - Complete the Digital Health Profile which includes information about your doctors and hospitals
  Step 3 - Complete the required authorization forms and return them to MedeFile


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