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Physician Testimonials

"The recent disaster along the Florida and Gulf Coasts were the wake-up calls not just for local homeowners and businesses, but for doctors and their patients respectively everywhere. Not only did physicians learn that they need some kind of emergency backup system for their businesses, but patients learned that one of their most precious assets, their medical records were vulnerable.

Unfortunately, doctors do not always think of themselves as running a business, but when many local doctors' offices flooded during hurricane Wilma, they found years of patients' records destroyed and their practices crippled. Patients then learned how helpless they were, in many cases jeopardizing their care. What is interesting is that even offices that used electronic records were not able to access them as many of their local servers were destroyed.

How did all the patients get their correct medicines let alone at the correct doses? What about cancer patients, children, the elderly, etc. Until the Federal Government intervenes and creates a national record system, which it is not likely to happen during my career, then companies like MedeFile will position themselves to help ensure the patients' assets are protected. MedeFile's technology puts the patient in control of their medical records and health history. Best of all, from the physicians' point of view, MedeFile handles the entire process.

Working at the hospital during the aftermath of hurricane Wilma and watching FEMA set up a tent city outside Boca Raton Community Hospital, it was a shame to see that the hundreds of people I saw flooding the emergency room and FEMA tents didn't have a MedeFile keyfob to slip into the hospital's computer to find out what dose of insulin they needed refilled or heart medicine they needed to take. We wasted so much time testing and guessing what people needed when we potentially could have had everything at our fingertips.

Whether responding to a natural disaster, terrorist attacks, other emergencies, or any other healthcare issue, MedeFile has the benefit of proactively taking control of your own health and well-being. Every doctor should encourage their patients to subscribe to such a service and work to implement it in their hospitals and office practices."
  Dr. Brian Bernick, M.D.
"When a patient is able to give a complete picture of their medical history by providing accurate information, it is an invaluable tool for any treating physician. Using this information I can gain a greater perspective to the patients overall well being and am able to create a treatment plan based factual data. MedeFile has given physicians and healthcare providers a way to significantly improve patient care."
  Dr. Gary D. Bofshever, D.C.
"I saw a young woman this afternoon referred from a cardiologist for chest pain. In the middle of the examination she stated that she forgot to tell me that her echocardiogram in the cardiologist's office showed elevation of the pressure in the arteries of her lung (an important point). Needless to say she did not have the report. I called the cardiologists office to fax me the information. A half hour later I received the electrocardiogram not the echocardiogram. I called back and they were closed. Wouldn't Medefile have been nice?"
  Dr. Steven Orshan, M.D.


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