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MedeFile International, Inc.
Corporate Values

MedeFile International has established a firm set of corporate values by which we intend to govern our daily operations as well as the strategic decisions we need to make to best serve our clients. Our values are our most important expression of what we hold most important in our business and our industry:
  • Innovation - We strive to always think creatively, and without restrictions based on what has come before us

  • Quality - Our work will reflect the best practices in our industry at all times and we will seek to provide service at the highest levels possible, as judged by our clients, not ourselves

  • People - We will treat people fairly and honestly, and keep lines of communication open with our clients, staff, and stockholders.

  • Integrity - We will be honest and fair in all our business conduct

  • Good Health - We will promote good health and healthy lifestyles with our clients, and our staff by providing tools and services to the best of our ability

  • Simplicity - We will provide our services in the least complicated, easiest to use, and easiest to learn manner possible. We recognize and respect that our clients are largely concerned with their health and the health of their loved ones. We will always choose approaches that encompass the patients' best interests, while being mindful of their need to maintain simplicity in the process.

  • Teamwork - we respect the value of teamwork in our daily life and in the lives of our clients. Together the MedeFile team forms a strong unit, and by teaming with our clients at a personal level, we can not only serve them better, but better understand their needs, which can be reflected in our products and services.

  • Results - MedeFile is a results-oriented organization that stresses ROI at each level of the organization and with our vendors. We insist on continuous process improvements and demonstrable value from each employee and each organization with whom we partner or transact business. In this way we best serve the interests of our investors, clients, and each other.


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