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Executive Leadership

Milton Hauser, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
  For nearly 30 years, Milt has been a noted pioneer in the field of advertising and marketing, creating and executing many high profile national campaigns and programs for such companies as Panasonic, Sanyo, Avon, Lederle International, and other Fortune 500 companies. For over 16 years, Milt served as President of his own production company, where he earned distinction as an award winning writer/producer of both television commercials and industrial productions. Milt also has specific creative and production expertise in the healthcare arena, having worked with a number of world leading pharmaceutical companies developing and implementing comprehensive advertising, branding and marketing strategies for a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical products.
Eric Rosenfeld, Chief Information Officer
  As an early member and pricipal consultant of Oracle Corporation, Eric led the establishment of Oracle's New York Metro consulting practice. He was also a contributor to Oracle's development tools and consulting methodologies, including its Designer and CDM products. Eric also played a key role in the development and architecture of Oracle's Clinical Pharmaceutical products and has authored Clinical data management systems for Merck, Parke-Davis, Schering-Plough, and Johnson & Johnson/PRD. He has also consulted directly with the FDA, HHS and NIH on issues relating to healthcare management, healthcare reform, drug approval processes and data management and analysis.

In 1995, Eric formed his own consulting company and as President and CEO, built the practice to over $10 million in revenue in its first two years of operation. Noted for directing the strategic long-term goals, policies and procedures for the IT departments of several Fortune 500 corporations, including AlliedSignal, Parke-Davis, and Copelco Capital (CitiCapital Financial), Eric has also consulted and developed strategic relationships with vendors such as HP, Sun, Oracle and Microsoft. Moreover, he has worked to develop strategic alliances in the e-commerce and Internet delivery marketplaces with companies such as Openmarket, Informatica, and Day Networks. He has also determined long-term systems needs and hardware acquisitions to accomplish business objectives for companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, CNA Insurance, Oxford Health Plans and Aon Insurance. In addition to achieving recognition from industry groups such as ACM and IOUG, he has published articles in renowned industry magazines such as Datamation, DM Review, DAMA, Oracle Select, IOUG-Alive and ECO Magazine. Holding certifications from Oracle and Microsoft, Eric has been internationally recognized in the data management field by Oracle's International User Group. He holds a BS in Quantitative Business Analysis from Indiana University.


Peter LoPrimo, Executive Vice President

  Originally joining MedeFile in September 2004 as Vice President of Marketing, Peter was promoted to Executive Vice President in early 2006. In his expanded role as EVP, Peter oversees the Company's daily operations. Prior to joining MedeFile, Peter was employed as a marketing professional by several Fortune 500 companies, including five divisions of Panasonic, and owned a medical diagnostics company which provided numerous diagnostic services to doctors such as MRI's, Cat Scans, UltraSounds, Video Fluoroscopy, EEG's and Nerve Conduction Studies. Peter's educational background includes a BS degree from the University of Phoenix. Peter also spent ten years as a firefighter-trained paramedic and CPR instructor. He lent his proven hands-on expertise in this regard to materially enhance MedeFile's systems application for use by emergency response personnel. Peter's paramedic experience also provided MedeFile with credible working knowledge of Emergency Operations - both from an actual treatment point of view to first-hand perspective on emergency protocols involving medical emergencies, accidents and natural disasters.
David Dorrance, Vice President, Digital Imaging
  David is a 20-year veteran of the health care industry including five years of clinical experience with McGill University Hospital. He has extensive knowledge of clinical information systems, patient information management software and hardware, patient monitoring systems and digital patient record systems, and has ten years of national project and sales management experience. As the National Project Manager, Critical Care Division of Lason Canada, David also served as a committee member for diagnostic product development and consultant for Marquette Medical Systems, providers of innovative diagnostic, monitoring and clinical information systems. His strengths are in developing early adopter markets within North America. Having successfully developed a paperless system for a Canadian hospital (the first of its kind) by combining the conversion of all historical paper patient records and implementation of an electronic patient record system across all patient visit types, David is considered an industry leader for medical record conversion solutions in the United States and Canada, and has excellent working relationships with key marketplace service providers.
Kevin Hauser, Director, New Business Development
  Prior to joining MedeFile in early 2005 as the Company's Director of Business Development, Kevin distinguished himself in the securities industry working primarily with Raymond James Financial Services. In 1996, Kevin established a branch office for Raymond James in New York City's Wall Street district, which rapidly became one of the firm's top producing branches in the country. Earning placement in Raymond James' President Club, Kevin was the youngest Independent Sales Associate to receive that honor at that time.


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