People everywhere are trusting MedeFile to collect, organize and store their medical records.

Control your Personal Health Records, 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere!

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"Having our medical records instantly available gives us peace of mind in case of an emergency"
  • MedeDrive™

    Carry your entire medical history with you, in your pocket.

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  • MedeMinder™

    Never forget your doctor's appointment or to take your medications again.

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  • MedeMobile™

    Use your smart phone, cell phone or PDA to access your records on the go!

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  • MedeVault™

    Securely store your medical records such as X-Rays, test results and doctor's notes

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  • "MedeFile gives patients the opportunity to become more empowered in the management of their day to day medical care. The critical information that it provides, allows communication of patient information so that there is continuity of care and can help to prevent medical errors.
    MedeFile can help save lives."
    Jeffrey Stein, MD
  • "As a parent and director of a summer camp it's imperative that parents have that information. This product was not offered years ago and if it were offered years ago parents back then would've jumped at the chance to have a MedeDrive. I jumped at it, I signed my family up right away, I want my children when they're not…"
    Matthew Cannold, Founder/Director, Children's Camp, MedeFile member
  • "MedeFile is a God send. I came from the medical field and I know how hard it is for the elderly or parents or young adults to obtain their medical records for any reason, and with MedeFile it just makes your life easy. If anyone is going on vacation they have their medical records with them, if anything happens to them the emergency…"
    Susan Vilone, MedeFile member