We know what you need

We have enhanced your MedeFile experience to serve you with more features. Below are list of those features, please have a look:

Records Collection

Let MedeFile do the work! We know how difficult and time consuming it is for you to collect all of your records from your healthcare providers, so MedeFile’s team of professionals will contact your doctors on your behalf and do all the legwork for you. We will collect, digitize, and index all of your medical records into an easy to read, user-friendly format.


The MedeVault is the secure online storage location for all your actual medical records collected by MedeFile on your behalf. Whatever is in the file in your doctors office is also in the MedeVault. Your records can be indexed by date, physician/hospital, or record type making it simple to find any previous test result or doctors visit. To protect your privacy, your records can only be accessed by you or those you designate.

Audit Trail

As a MedeFile Member, you would have a complete audit trail of all activity on your account to ensure your privacy and security. Any log-ins, viewings or changes to your account are listed and are instantly accessible in “real-time” - giving you a comprehensive record of all your account activity.

Digital Health Profile

The Digital Health Profile is a Personal Health Record (PHR) that includes information about you, your allergies, family history, medical conditions, emergency contacts, pharmacies, healthcare providers, and many other facets of your health.

The MedeDrive

Carry your entire medical history with you wherever you go! The MedeDrive™ is a patent pending specially designed Flash Drive that holds your Emergency Medical Information as well as your entire medical record. When plugged into the USB port of a PC, your emergency medical information screen is automatically displayed for first responders to see. With username and password protection on the drive, actual medical records are secure and can be viewed only with your permission.

Health Care Calendar

Enter doctor appointments, medication schedules and prescription refill reminders. The Interactive Healthcare calendar will even send you automated email reminders and medication alerts to help you maintain your healthy regimen.


Taking your medicine and keeping your appointments are critical to keeping yourself in good health. With MedeMinder™, you will never miss an appointment or forget to take your medication ever again! MedeMinder™ is MedeFile’s reminder service. You tell us when and where to call, and we automatically contact you day or night with an appropriate reminder, spoken by real people. You can even choose the voice you want to hear.

Medicine Cabinet

Enter all medication, dosages, condition treated and prescribing physician for a running record of your prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Emergency Calls

If you are involved in a medical emergency, MedeFile’s Emergency Call Service (ECS) will notify those you have pre-designated as your emergency contacts as soon as we are alerted by emergency care providers.

Healthy Lifestyle Tools

Track blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels to help maintain your healthy living routine. Healthy Lifestyle Tools automatically graphs your data so you can compare your progress to the accepted normal range for each factor; and, identify and react to changes.


Now you can securely access and fax your emergency medical data and your medical records directly from your SmartPhone, Personal Digital Assistant, or Internet-enabled cell phone. MedeMobile™ places your vital medical data closer to you than ever before.

Fax on Demand

Fax your records to any healthcare provider or other contact you chose without delay or difficulty. Just select the records you want to send, where you want them sent to and MedeFile’s Fax on Demand system will fax them for you at no additional cost. Your records will be on their way immediately.

Vital Documents

Store copies of your important documents such as living wills and advanced directives, insurance documents, birth certificates and any other information that you want safeguarded and easily accessible.

Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service provides one-on-one personal support from start to finish. Your MedeFile Concierge will work with you to complete your Digital Health Profile (DHP), help load your physician information, help establish reminders in your Healthcare Calendar and complete your medication reminders in the MedeMinder program. Your MedeFile Concierge can also teach you how to use other MedeFile features like the Healthy Lifestyle Tools which enables you to track personal information like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and BMI (body mass index). Your personal Concierge is only a toll-free phone call away from assisting you in working with all of MedeFile’s many features. MedeFile’s Concierge Service, along with Premium Membership, underscores that MedeFile truly does all of the work!

Membership Card

Keep your Membership Card on your purse or wallet. It identifies you as a MedeFile Member, and gives you clear instructions on how to recover your emergency information.


MedeView is a secure method in the MedeFile system for members to grant read only access to anyone they select. This read only permission can be revoked by the member at any time. MedeView makes it possible for those who are Caregivers to be fully involved in a patient’s treatment plan.