Carry your entire medical history with you, in your pocket.

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Never forget your doctor's appointment or to take your medication again.

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Use your smartphone, cell phone, or PDA to access your records on the go!

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Securely store your medical records such as X-Rays, test results and doctor's notes.

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Email is today’s preferred medium of communication for most of the developed world. We’ve become dependent on this instant form of communication as part of our everyday lives in business and personal affairs. Yet you cannot usually talk to your doctor about your health care needs using email.

This is because email is inherently insecure as a communications medium. It travels freely through all kinds of connections getting from your computer to someone else’s. Every one of those points it moves through can read or copy the email. This is not exactly secure. This is especially true if you’re transmitting documents as attachments.

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  • By Kevin Hauser Submitted on November 22nd, 2010

Hi, my name is Kevin Hauser and I’m the CEO of MedeFile. I recently had an experience that proved the usefulness of our product. Luckily, I haven’t had any major medical problems, so this was the first time I had put my MedeFile to use. It really was handy when my time of need came. Up until now, the service had only been a convenience for me, though I know that many others have used MedeFile to make their lives easier and safer. …contine reading »

  • By medefile Submitted on November 5th, 2010