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For anyone in the medical records business, whether it be as an institution, a third party provider, or as an individual keeping one’s own records, there are certain things that apply to medical record storage optimization. From the individual level up to the large institution, these concerns are basically the same and merely a matter of scale.

For a medical record to be useful, it must meet the following criteria:

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  • By medefile Submitted on April 19th, 2011

Until recently, the problems of medical record storage and management has been largely the concern of hospitals, clinics, and contractors who might work with them to handle the issue. As electronics have evolved and the security of the systems has improved, medical records have been slowly migrating to a new way of doing things. Like everything in the business of medicine, however, the move has been slow and painful.

One of the biggest issues of medical records management has been the rising costs of paper storage and of the paper and printing itself. Environmental concerns have only sharpened the issue. As with many things in this industry, the insurance business has driven many of the changes happening in medical records.

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Here is our latest video to show the hurdles patients must go through in order to get their medical records from Doctor to Doctor. Electronic Medical Records would just make things so much easier.

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