Setup & Usage

How do I update my MedeFile?

Updating your MedeFile is easy. Simply go to the MedeFile Members Home Page and request the system to update your records from a specific doctor. The MedeFile system automatically requests any updates every quarter.

The new information will be added to your MedeFile once it is received. Remember you can always update your DHP information such as medications, current medical conditions and allergies online anytime.

May I include other documents in my MedeFile?

Yes you can. Go to the MedeFile web site customer service section and download a fax cover sheet. Fill out the information and fax or mail the cover sheet along with the documents you wish to include.

How do I access my account information?

Follow the instructions in the member's services area or go to the member's support section in the web site.

Do I control access to my MedeFile?

Access to each member's MedeFile is exclusively controlled by that member.

What if I wish to discontinue this service and remove my records?

You must make this request in writing and have the request notarized. It can take up to 60 days to have the record removed. Please note that we must delete the entire record in question, and cannot edit or remove individual pages from the record. You may find the proper form in the member's service section of the web site.

When can I begin to use the service?

You can begin to use your service as soon as you have completed the enrollment process, and filled out your Digital Health Profile (DHP).

How many times can I request my files?

As often as you wish.

How frequently do I update my records?

As frequently as you would like to. Otherwise, we will automatically request updated records from your list of healthcare providers on a quarterly basis.

If I'm traveling to another country and become ill, what do I do?

Make sure to carry your MedeDrive at all times regardless of where you go. In most cases, emergency medical personnel will be able to access your medical information simply and quickly.

How do I know my medical information will always be kept confidential and safe?

MedeFile considers security, privacy and confidentiality to be of paramount importance. MedeFile was created with the help of credentialed health Information Management professionals thoroughly trained in patient record confidentiality.

The MedeFile systems are designed with state-of-the-art processes to prevent unauthorized access. Technologies such as 128 bit encryption, digital certificates, physical locks and firewalls are all utilized to create a highly secure site that you can be confident will protect your valuable and private medical information.

All of MedeFile's staff are bonded and trained in the latest privacy and patient confidentiality rules and regulations. The MedeFile system incorporates a complete audit trail for your review, which is time and date stamped for you to see at any time