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Your health, your call.

The Digital Health Profile is a comprehensive Personal Health Record (PHR) that includes information about you, your allergies, family history, medical conditions, emergency contacts, pharmacies, healthcare providers, and many other facets of your health.

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  • Keeps everything handy in one safe, easy to access place
  • Creates a timeline of your health and healthcare
  • Allows you to easily add, edit or delete information as needed

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Your Personal Health Assitant.

Enter all medication, dosages, conditions treated and prescribing physician for a running record of your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

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  • Alerts you of any potentially life threatening drug to drug interactions
  • Stores all your medications, dosages and more
  • Keeps a running record of your prescriptions and over the counter medications

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Set and Forget.

MedeMinder™ is MedeFile’s reminder service. You tell us when and where to call, and we automatically contact you day or night with an appropriate reminder, spoken by real people. You can even choose the voice you want to hear.

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  • Provides an automated reminder so you never forget an appointment or your medication
  • Allows you to set up the type of reminder you prefer…phone, text, etc.
  • Choose when and where to be contacted and even your voice of choice

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Vital Documents

Store copies of your living will and advanced directives, insurance documents, birth certificates and any other information that you want safeguarded and easily accessible.

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  • Stores copies of your most important documents such as birth certificates, wills and advance directives
  • Safeguards your documents from disaster or loss
  • Allows you to easily print or fax any vital document you need

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The MedeDrive

Is a portable copy of your entire medical history! The MedeDrive™ is a patent pending specially designed Flash Drive that holds your Emergency Medical Information as well as your entire medical record. When plugged into the USB port of a PC, your emergency medical information screen is automatically displayed for first responders to see. Actual medical records are secure and can be viewed only with your username and password.

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  • Carry your entire medical history with you wherever you go
  • Can be used by first response personnel to access medical information that can save your life
  • Username and password protected
  • Automatically displays your emergency medical information when plugged into the USB port of a PC

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Emergency Calls

If you are involved in a medical emergency, MedeFile’s Emergency Call Service (ECS) will notify those you have pre-designated as your emergency contacts as soon as we are alerted by emergency care providers.

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  • Will notify your listed emergency contacts in the event of a medical emergency
  • Provides peace of mind knowing your loved ones are on the way
  • Will even alert your contacts of pets home alone
  • 24/7, 365 days a year service

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What people have to say

We are reliable & trusted
  • MedeFile gives patients the opportunity to become more empowered in the management of their day to day medical care. The critical information that it provides, allows communication of patient information so that there is continuity of care and can help to prevent medical errors.

    Jeffrey Stein, MD
  • As a parent and director of a summer camp it’s imperative that parents have that information. This product was not offered years ago and if it were offered years ago parents back then would’ve jumped at the chance to have a MedeDrive. I jumped at it, I signed my family up right away, I want my children when they’re not with me to be carrying around their most up-to-date emergency contact information, their most up-to-date medical information, so that God forbid there’s a problem I know that they are at the front of the line, they have all the information and they are going to have the best care possible. It saves time you know; God forbid we are having a problem with a camper and we have to have an emergency ambulance come on the grounds, instead of having to talk we just simply hand the MedeDrive to that EMS person, they stick it into their computer in their truck, they have all the information at their finger tips, it saves time and it could save the camper’s life.

  • I know first hand with almost 20 yrs of experience on the fire service and emergency medical service that having accurate information at your fingertips is just crucial to any emergency scene that we respond to. Many times we arrive and patients are in bad or critical condition, they may be unconscious and if there aren’t any bi-standers to give us any information it can really provide for a bad scene. With MedeFile, all we need is a computer and we can access this information to give you a base life history on a patient’s condition. They may have a cardiac condition that we may need to know about, they may have a previous trauma that we may need to know about; and as well as allergies. We carry many medications, over 30 medications and some of these medications patients may be allergic to, and that’s something that we really need to know about.

    Guy Lindauer, Firefighter/Paramedic
  • MedeFile is a God send. I came from the medical field and I know how hard it is for the elderly or parents or young adults to obtain their medical records for any reason, and with MedeFile it just makes your life easy. If anyone is going on vacation they have their medical records with them, if anything happens to them the emergency room wherever they’re going they might not even know who they are but they know what they allergic to, what their meds are and where they came from and who the emergencies contacts are, it’s just fabulous.

    Susan Vilone, MedeFile member