Why should I have a MedeFile?

Because it could save your life! Or the life of a loved one.

Every year, people die or do not get the best possible treatment in emergency rooms because their important medical information is not readily available to emergency room doctors. Timely access to a patient's actual and relevant medical information can, in many cases, mean the difference between life and death, or faster and better treatment.

MedeFile takes care of the entire process and will always have your medical record information ready for your use. MedeFile gathers and stores copies of a member's actual medical records on their behalf, from wherever they may be: hospitals, doctor's offices or outpatient facilities. The MedeFile service consolidates these records into an easily accessible digital format, available to each member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from virtually anywhere in the world. This entire process is accomplished in a highly secure environment, allowing members to take control of their personal and family's health and well being.

How do I become a MedeFile member?

It's easy to become a MedeFile member, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Complete the MedeFile membership application
  2. Complete the Digital Health Profile, which includes information about your doctors and hospitals
  3. Complete the required authorization forms and return them to MedeFile
What type of records and information are stored in a MedeFile?

Every MedeFile account contains a Digital Health Profile (DHP), which contains information about the member's physicians, Insurance, emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications, allergies, and family history. The member's MedeFile also contains all the records sent by physicians, other healthcare providers and hospitals. A member may also store copies of living wills, healthcare durable power of attorneys, authorizations to treat a minor and organ donor forms along with any other documents you might feel are needed.

How long must healthcare providers keep my records?

State regulations vary, but providers are generally required to maintain patient records for five to seven years, after which they may be destroyed. MedeFile's record management services archives and protects members' records on an ongoing basis once copies are in our possession.

Are there any additional charges when MedeFile requests my records from doctors, hospitals or other healthcare facilities?

Only if the doctor's office or hospital charges for medical record copies, these charges are the responsibility of the member. MedeFile does not add any type of fee for record retrieval charges. The fees they charge are governed by the state they are located in.

Will MedeFile ever sell or share my patient identifiable information to any third party?

No! Absolutely Not. MedeFile has strict rules against the release of any patient information without the patient's specific, written authorization.

What if I lose my MedeDrive?

If your MedeDrive is ever lost or stolen, the drive is equipped with a built in security feature that will auto-delete any and all personal information after three (3) unsuccessful login attempts. Contact MedeFile for an additional drive and we can help recover lost data.